Terms of Service

The terms and conditions for using the Papawine site
General Rules and Definitions
Using the services connected to the site papawineitaly.compapawine.it (hereinafter referred to as “the services” or “the service”), the reader is obliged to comply with the terms and conditions of use set out below. These conditions concern Papafashion S.r.l. (hereinafter referred to as “the managers” or “the manager”) as owner and manager of the site with the related services. Each reader is required periodically to consult these conditions to make certain to change after the last consultation. Managers reserve the rights to edit, delete, or add parts of these conditions.
Terms of use of the site services from readers
Managers reserve the right to edit, delete or add content to the service, deny access to them, and edit, delete or add material (visual content, photographs, and generic material) to that contents. The services of the site and its contents are protected by copyright law in force in Italy and by international copyright rules. The reader isn’t authorized to edit, publish, transmit, share, assign in use in any capacity, copy (beyond the limits specified below), rework, distribute, execute, give access or commercially exploit in any way the contents or services (including software) of this site even only partially. The reader should not in any way interfere with the proper working of the service or its parts or cause damage to the manager or to other readers. The reader, for personal use only, can copy the contents of the site, without modifying them and faithfully reporting the origin and the copyright-related data. Use other than personal is strictly forbidden, except where expressly indicated and only after written permission of site managers.
Terms of use of the services from content creators
Managers reserve the right to deny deleting, editing or adding content to anyone. Managers can remove comments or articles inserted by any user without any motivation. The user who inserts a content assumes full responsibility for it. The content must be original, or authorized by the author, and doesn’t include elements that may damage the service or its operators. The content must not, in any way, contain a discriminatory language towards other people (racial, religious implications, sexual orientation, physical or mental condition, and more) and in no way calumnious. The comments to content are also believed to be contained. Managers do not assure the opportunity to comment on the contents. The reader and the content generator undertake to accept threads. The disagreement between users is perfectly normal but the managers will not tolerate attacks and disrespect between a user and other. If a discussion generates issues between the parties involved the managers, as moderators, will close the discussion to deny the use of the service, partial or total, to users involved even without explanation.
Using Links
The service contains links to external resources to it. Managers are not responsible for the actual accessibility and availability of these resources (and related content or material) external to the service. The reader is invited to contact the administrator of those external resources where experiencing problems.
Viewing the Website
Managers do not guarantee the correct visualization of the service on all devices or browsers. The service outputs HTML5 and CSS3 and it’s optimized for Google Chrome browser, so managers can’t guarantee the correct display on web browsers other than it. The service does not support Internet Explorer version 7 or lower.
Statement of liability of the readers
The reader will indemnify managers and their affiliated entities from and against all liability and prejudicial consequences, including, without exception, legal fees defined according to professional fees incurred by operators as a result of legal action arising from their misconduct.

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