The truth about Super Tuscan

Famous “Super Tuscan” wines are valuable wines that can be recognized by their important names, which even non-drinkers know: Sassicaia, Masseto, Tignanello and Ornellaiaare just some examples. What is the real meaning of “Super Tuscan” wines? This name was used in... read more

Workshop in Singapore

Good news from Singapore. Young wine lovers take part in an interesting Workshop in Singapore, organized by PapaWine and hosted by the wine expert William Seah. A full immersion day in the Italian world of wine and overall, a tasting day of Italian wines expressly... read more

First Wine Tour

Some days ago we completed our first Wine Tour in Italy. It consisted in a one week tour dedicated to our Chinese clients from Singapore who desired to visit the wineries that we represent, research with us new wines for their business needs and taste the good food of... read more

Great Eastern italian party

An Italian-style event for Great Eastern, with our wines expressly selected for the evening. Many people participated and enjoyed each wine glass of the service. The staff of our export partner in Singapore masterly conducted the whole preparation of the event. Thanks... read more

90th Chengdu Wine & Food Fair March 2014

At Wine Expo in Chengdu we represented our work, companies that we chose, our commercial values and especially our passion. The first day of our participation at the fair in Chengdu in 2014 was a success and we were besieged by importers and retailers who showed great... read more

Singapore Tasting Sessions 2014

Here we were given the opportunity to sell wine in Singapore, not just to do business with one of the finance world powers, but also gain a showcase of absolute prestige in the large Asian market. As always we did not leave anything to chance. During this week we met... read more

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